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Kal Tire's mining tire recycling facility achieves ISCC Plus certification

A mining tire recycling facility
Kal Tire's mining tire recycling facility in Chile Kal Tire

Kal Tire's Mining Tire Group has received ISCC PLUS certification. This certification verifies that Kal Tire's mining tire recycling facility in Chile processes circular feedstocks. 

"Kal Tire is committed to promoting a circular economy where recycled mining tire products are given their highest and best use," says Dan Allan, senior vice president of Kal Tire's Mining Tire Group. "This ISCC PLUS certification ensures customers can confidently source our recycling facility's outputs knowing they're 100 percent derived from waste materials." 

At Kal Tire's facility in Northern Chile, ultra-class tires are converted to their base elements (carbon black, oil, and steel) so they can be reused in new products instead of raw materials. The facility's thermal conversion processes use heat and friction to induce a process that sees what Kal Tire says is virtually 100 percent of the tire reused. 

The ISCC PLUS certification verifies the Chile recycling facility meets the circular materials standards for reclaimed oil, carbon black, and syngas using a mass balance chain of custody approach. Kal Tire says that it is one of just a few mining tire recycling facilities in the world to have achieved ISCC PLUS certification for producing circular feedstocks.

"Years ago, we set out to invest in a solution at the top of the mining tire recycling hierarchy to help customers solve the great challenge of handling end-of-life mining tires more sustainably, at a time when government also began calling for environmental leadership and contribution to climate action plans," says Allan. "We're proud to now be at this stage with our certified and high-quality outputs, helping customers create a greener supply chain and a lower carbon future." 

Kal Tire's facility has the capacity to process five 63-inch tires (20,000 kilograms) every day, creating 8,000 kilograms of carbon black; 6,500 litres of oil; 4,000 kg of steel; and enough synthetic gas to fuel the plant itself for seven hours. The company is seeing growing demand for recovered carbon black (rCB), which can be used to produce tires and plastic products.

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