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Nth Cycle opens 21,000-square-foot nickel and cobalt refining facility in Ohio

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Nth Cycle has commissioned a 21,000-square-foot nickel and cobalt refining facility in Fairfield, Ohio.

The new facility will utilize Nth Cycle's electro-extraction technology which will recover the outputs of metal scrap, electronics waste, untapped mining resources, and refinery waste into metals including nickel and cobalt through its mixed hydroxide precipitate (MHP) processor called the OYSTER. The processor yields metal and mineral purity with what Nth Cycle says is the highest concentration of nickel hydroxide and cobalt hydroxide available.

Nth Cycle says that its MHP initiative helps eliminate the risk of the inconsistent supply of MHP to original equipment manufacturers (OEM) while producing a product of over 90 percent of nickel and cobalt. Nth Cycle also says that its refining process could reduce the associated production of greenhouse gasses by more than 90 percent versus traditional mining processes.

"As the world becomes increasingly reliant on the critical metals that are the backbone of an electrified economy, it's clear the sourcing of those materials must be as clean and efficient as the future we imagine," said Megan O'Connor, co-founder and CEO of Nth Cycle. "A clean, unfettered, and cost-efficient supply chain of Nickel and Cobalt, or MHP, not only accelerates our path to that future, but it establishes the U.S. as a global leader in that movement."

Electro-extraction is an alternative to conventional smelting operations currently deployed. Nth Cycle's OYSTER system also is modular, enabling an ability to co-locate at sites, eliminating the need to emit more emissions to transport the metal waste or low-grade ore for refining. This will allow the company or OEM to manage its own waste and return the advanced material directly to the manufacturing line.

"We are thrilled to welcome Nth Cycle to our community," said Fairfield's Mayor, Mitch Rhodus. "Fairfield industries have been involved in automotive manufacturing since our founding, and we are excited to continue to be part of the innovation occurring with electric vehicles. Nth Cycle will be a great complement to our strong industrial sector."

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