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Letter from the Editor: Turn trash into cash by investing in the right equipment

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With a new year upon us (and new budgets) many metals recyclers are taking stock of their current equipment and seeing what can be 

added to streamline efficiency, what needs to be replaced entirely, and what might be worth investing in down the road. 

While the right equipment can improve your yard's productivity, capacity, and bottom line, these kinds of investments can be a massive financial undertaking and, as such, shouldn't be rushed. It's vital to weigh factors such as short- and long-term needs, current resources, and industry trends before making any major decisions. Ask yourself if you need new equipment, or if you can upgrade what you already have on hand. If you do need new equipment, look for the most versatile machine possible to get the most bang for your buck. It's a lot to consider, but making the right choice can open the door for new revenue streams, increased sustainability, and enhanced efficiency overall.

The 2023 ISRI Convention & Exposition in April is ideal for potential buyers who will be able to weigh all of their options under one roof. With over 275 exhibitors and live demonstrations, having multiple manufacturers and equipment types in one place can simplify the decision-making process and alleviate much of the stress that comes along with investing in new equipment.

For other metals recyclers, it's less about investing in the equipment they know they need, and instead finding supplementary equipment that can help boost profits. Many recycling operations produce waste that can be turned into cash with the right machine, a prime example of which can be found in this month's cover story. Dartmouth Metals, a Nova Scotia-based metal processor, recently invested in a non-ferrous plant that's doubling recovery rates for the yard and capturing previously missed insulated copper wire. Where the company used to recover 1,000 pounds of wire per month, its now capturing 20,000 pounds. And, as the first metal recycling company in the Atlantic provinces to purchase a copper and aluminum granulator, Dartmouth Metals has been able to nearly double the value of its insulated wire by processing it into clean copper.

With such a substantial focus on metals in this month's issue, I look forward to carrying this momentum into ISRI 2023 and meeting even more industry professionals. Swing by our booth to say hello, and on behalf of the Recycling Product News team, I look forward to another great convention!

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