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Mack enables over-the-air update capabilities in more systems

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Mack Trucks will be expanding the number of electronic control units (ECUs) enabled for Mack's over-the-air (OTA) updates in the Mack Anthem, Pinnacle, and Granite models.

Prior to this enhancement, key powertrain ECUs were able to connect remotely to allow diagnostics and receive over-the-air parameter changes and updates. 

With the new configuration, the instrument cluster, vehicle ECU, and body builder modules join the engine, transmission, and aftertreatment control modules in their ability to be connected via Mack OTA technology.

"We are always looking for ways to help our customers maximize their uptime and improve their profitability," says David Pardue, vice president of connected vehicle services for Mack Trucks. "The additional ECUs with OTA capabilities double the number of vehicle systems we can monitor and update."

The additional control modules available for remote updates enhance the user's ability to maximize uptime. What once required an in-person visit can now be done remotely to more ECUs and at a convenient time.

"Mack OTA technology is constantly evolving to meet the demanding needs of our customers," says Pardue. "We set the standard when we launched the remote update capability, and this latest expansion puts us even further ahead with the number of vehicle optimizations possible through this service."

Mack OTA updates are free for the first two years of ownership and can be extended by subscription after that period. OTA connectivity is a feature of Mack's fully integrated telematics platform, Mack GuardDog Connect. Users also have access to Mack OneCall, Mack's 24/7 customer support and Mack ASIST, Mack's web-based service management program.

Mack began offering driver-activated OTA updates at the end of 2020, and more than 57,000 trucks are enrolled to date.

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