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Envac to launch North American automated waste collection services in 2023

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Left to right: Dick Olsson, chief financial officer at Envac Group; Thomas Embley, president of Envac North America; and Joakim Karlsson, president and CEO of Envac Group Envac North America

Envac North America will launch its North American automated waste collection operations beginning January 1, 2023. After establishing in Europe, Asia, and the Middle East, Envac wishes to establish itself in the U.S. and Canadian markets. Envac North America aims to assist waste collection efforts in hospitals, residential communities, cities, and other areas in North America.

"Envac's vision has always been sustainable, with a keen eye toward future technology and purpose. Our foundation is strong because it was constructed with integrity and determination. We are thrilled to introduce this vision and technology to North American markets where growth and strength will come through education, relationship building, and enduring value," says Thomas Embley, president of Envac North America.

Envac North America joins Envac teams in 22 countries around the globe which aim to use innovation and experience to create smarter cities, healthier healthcare facilities, and resource-efficient communities while improving the technology, aesthetics, hygiene, and processes in which waste is approached.

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