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Aftermarket onboard truck scales from TrackWeight provide accurate measurement in harsh use

An image of a truck scale overlaid on a truck and loader in the background
TrackWeight onboard truck scales are designed for rugged and challenging environments. TrackWeight

Onboard scale sensors from TrackWeight, distributed in Canada by RMT Equipment, are designed for high performance and durability in harsh weather and working environments. Paired with the company's data acquisition box, the weighing system provides an accurate measure of truck hauling weight.

Customer input and requirements have shaped the development of TrackWeight's aftermarket solutions for use in challenging environments. 

Sensors are placed on the truck suspension, regardless of the suspension type, and send thousands of weight readings per second to the Series 3 data acquisition box, which analyzes the data precisely for display on the BRT5 customizable dashboard monitor located in the cab of the truck.

On the monitor, real time total load or weight by axle groups is shown clearly. Displays can be customized according to the type of suspension and application. Users can choose the axle group to be displayed, the format, measurement unit, and other options. 

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