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CR&R achieves major milestone with largest Green Waste Anaerobic Digester project in North America

Using technology from provider Eisenmann, the new operation is expandable to process over 300,000 tons of organic waste per year to produce natural gas for CR&R’s fleet

CR&R Environmental Services recently announced the receipt of the Permit to Construct an organic waste recycling facility to be located at their Perris, CA campus.   

According to the company, simply navigating the comprehensive permitting process is an impressive accomplishment. After an enormous effort, supported by the commitment of CR&R’s leadership, the company announced the receipt of CR&R’s approved permit to construct. According to CR&R, this milestone marks the start of the most significant project in the waste industry since the inception of statewide recycling in California over 20 years ago.  

CR&R’s facility in Southern California won’t be the first permitted organics conversion facility in North America, but it will be the highest capacity, automated facility by an order of magnitude. With completion in 2014, the state-of-the-art facility is permitted to process over 80.000 tons of organic waste per year in phase one and expandable to process over 300,000 tons per year in phases two to four that would have been destined for the landfill. By diverting this energy-rich waste stream to their new facility, CR&R will reduce the emissions of greenhouse gases and produce sustainable, clean-burning, compressed natural gas to fuel their fleet of collection vehicles.   

Finding the right technology partner with the best technology was a key enabler to advancing the project. Following a rigorous evaluation process, CR&R selected Eisenmann’s high solids anaerobic digestion technology for their organic waste recycling facility. With over 50 years in the environmental service business, CR&R is uniquely qualified to evaluate organics processing technologies.

Mike Silva, CR&R Organics Processing Project Leader, put it into perspective: “A successful project requires understanding and planning for the materials that our facility will receive and process. Eisenmann’s high solids technology was clearly the best solution for organics management, enabling CR&R to process the broadest range of materials. The flexibility and reliability of the Eisenmann system are essential to the economic success of the project and led us to choose them as our technology provider not just for this project but also for future opportunities.”

CR&R says the landscape in the waste management industry is dynamic. Over 20 years ago, when uncertainty caused others to hesitate, the company developed the nation’s first large-scale solid waste processing facility. Once again, CR&R says they are taking the lead in maximizing the value of the organic waste streams.

“Our team has put an enormous amount of time and effort to get to this point” said Clifford Ronnenberg, Founder and CEO, “and now it is clear the time is right to invest in the future of organics conversion. It’s the right decision for our business, the municipalities we service, and the environment.”    

CR&R Environmental Services is one of Southern California’s most innovative and successful recycling and waste collection companies, serving more than 2.5 million people and 25,000 businesses throughout Orange, Los Angeles, San Bernardino, Imperial, and Riverside counties. Thanks to groundbreaking technologies and pioneering reclamation programs, CR&R is able to recycle over 1 million tons of materials each year, creating cleaner communities, reducing air and water pollution, conserving landfill space, and extending our natural resources. To learn about CR&R, please visit our website at  

Eisenman Corporation is a leading international supplier for environmental, renewable energy and manufacturing systems. Providing turnkey solutions for organic waste diversion and anaerobic digestion projects, Eisenmann delivers proven technologies combined with over 35 years of experience in designing, building, commissioning and servicing systems in North America.  

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