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Wastequip’s new compactor series fits tight spaces due to adjustable head and legs

A Wastequip OptiPak vertical compactor
A Wastequip OptiPak vertical compactor

Wastequip has launched the OptiPak series of compactors. Offering ideal toughness in compact sizes, the new OptiPak compactors are efficient and easy to use.

Ideal for businesses like restaurants, grocery stores, apartment buildings, shopping centres, office complexes, or any other location where a compactor is required but space is limited, the OptiPak series provides ideal compaction with less space. 

Available with 3-yard front- and rear-load containers and four-, six-, or eight-yard front-load containers, the OptiPak series features a nimble four-in-one head with 90-degree rotation, allowing for a full 360-degree pack in just 30 seconds. Designed to navigate tight spaces like apartments and alleyways, the head can freely arrange the direction the top faces, allowing for an orientation that fits the space it occupies. The adjustable legs also offer additional versatility for easier shipping and on-site height adjustments.

In addition, the new OptiPak features an updated control panel and a new motor. The control panel has been streamlined from its previous design, providing a better user experience, while adding operational settings that can be tailored to meet individual user preferences. Powered by a DC motor, the OptiPak provides increased reliability and reduced downtime. 

The OptiPak also incorporates Wastequip's Automatic Maintenance Scheduler (AMS) into the power unit to alert operators when preventive maintenance is required.

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