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Vecoplan standardizes shredder interfaces to help users accommodate a wider range of applications

Components used in metal shredding equipment
The right choice of components is critical to the performance and quality of the shredding process.

When it comes to shredding unusual materials or meeting special requirements, Vecoplan has taken a fresh look at its shredding machines and standardized the interfaces to allow users to take advantage of a modular system that can accommodate a wider range of applications.

Manufacturers of shredding equipment frequently have to modify components such as rotors, cutting tips, counter knives, and screens to meet user specifications. The component choices and relevant combinations are critical to the performance and quality of the shredding process. One user might have to process especially tough materials, while another might require electric motors that comply with specific standards in the region. The design effort for such diverse solutions can be considerable, and manufacturers must keep an increasing number of different parts in stock in order to be prepared.

In order to reduce this complexity, Vecoplan has modified its product offerings and has established different system platforms depending on the application and size. The company has also classified separate modules according to their specific functions. The interfaces are standardized and the platforms remain unchanged. Application engineers can then put together suitable products according to each user's needs by selecting appropriate modules for the screen, the rotor, and the drive. Each module is available in different variants and can be combined as needed with other assemblies.

The grid principle

Vecoplan has organized components like cutting tools, counter knives, screens, and rotors in a grid with uniform module sizes. The grid allows the shredders to be finely graduated in width from 800 to more than 3,200 mm. A wide range of tool sizes and types can be mapped within this grid without the need to change the designs of adjoining components. Vecoplan has also applied the basic idea of the grid to other components such as drives.

Due to this grid principle, Vecoplan can design custom solutions while maintaining a manageable degree of complexity at the same time. There is no need to start from scratch with the design, and no time-consuming special solution is necessary. If the user decides to purchase a new machine, Vecoplan can tailor a shredder and manufacture it immediately. 

Customers also benefit from stronger parts availability due to more streamlined warehousing. In addition, the various modules can be retrofitted, allowing a machine's functionality to be adapted to changing requirements.

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