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Enviro-Log to open new waxed cardboard recycling and fire log manufacturing facility

A WOCC fire log
An Enviro-Log WOCC fire log

Enviro-Log Company, LLC will open a new recycling and manufacturing facility in Glendale, Arizona, in the summer of 2022. The new facility will be dedicated to recycling waxed cardboard boxes (WOCC) and manufacturing Enviro-Log products. The company plans to work directly with produce companies, grocery retailers, and recyclers to recycle large volumes of WOCC from Arizona, California, and the western United States.

Headquartered in Fitzgerald, Georgia, Enviro-Log is a recycler of WOCC in North America and a producer of manufactured fire logs in the U.S. For the past 18 years, the company has worked with retailers to reduce their environmental impact and start them on a path toward zero waste by recycling their WOCC, which is typically used to transport fruits and vegetables to grocery stores and restaurants. Enviro-Log uses the recycled WOCC to manufacture its fire logs that burn cleaner than wood (emitting 50 percent less greenhouse gasses, 30 percent less particulate emissions, and 80 percent less carbon dioxide) while also providing 50 percent more heat per pound. This recycling process saves tens of thousands of trees from being used as firewood and millions of pounds of WOCC from going into landfills every year. Enviro-Log has worked with over 100 partners throughout North America and diverted nearly half a billion pounds of WOCC from landfills.

As part of its partnership with retailers, Enviro-Log's 100 percent recycled fire logs are returned to retailers and put on the shelves to be sold. Enviro-Log's closed loop experience makes for a fast and easy program start allowing its retail partners to see immediate financial benefits.

"Our recycling program offers a win-win for retailers," said Shawn Sapp, vice president of recycling at Enviro-Log Company. "Not only are we helping retailers significantly reduce their waste removal costs and improve their environmental impact, Enviro-Log provides value-added services to help retailers improve their sustainability and reach their carbon footprint goals. By forming a closed-loop, including diversion of waxed cardboard boxes for recovery and in turn selling Enviro-Log fire logs, retailers can achieve more than a 50 percent reduction in greenhouse gases instead of using landfill alternatives. Participating in this closed loop recycling program enables retailers to prove to consumers that they are serious about helping the environment, not just talking about it."

Enviro-Log also manufactures Enviro-Log firestarters which are made of recycled eco-friendly wax that offers an alternative to kindling, petroleum-based starter blocks, lighter fluids, and ethanol-based gels.

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