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STADLER acceleration conveyor helps hasten sensor-based automatic sorting speeds

Conveyors in operation at a fuel plant
STADLER Conveyors at Irigom Srl's secondary solid fuel plant

The new STADLER PX acceleration conveyor meets the demand for higher throughput in sensor-based automatic sorting, which can operate at higher working speeds. To achieve the desired result, STADLER has integrated the best features of its BB and DB conveyors and has taken the opportunity to introduce new improvements. The improvements include a new air stabilizer, which ensures consistent sorting quality at faster speeds with light materials.

"At STADLER we are always very alert to how our customers' needs evolve. We are constantly looking at ways to address these changes by improving our products or developing new ones," explains Corinna König, team leader product management. "We found that we were increasingly combining our BB and DB conveyors in customers' projects to achieve the desired result, so we developed the PX, which combines the best features of each into one conveyor. This means that our customers now have only one machine to operate and maintain, simplifying their operation and reducing their costs. And we went further, because we significantly increased the belt speed, even with light materials, so they can increase their throughput with just the one machine – and they can count on consistently high purity levels."

Italian company Irigom Srl has installed six PX conveyors at its SSF (secondary solid fuel) plant, which is designed to separate and recover all valuable material from the incoming plastic waste. The recovered PET, PE-LD, and PP is sent to a recycling facility while the residue is used to produce high-quality SSF. The conveyors have been operating for three months, sorting PET, PE-LD, and PP materials for recovery, metals, and PVC which is removed from the process.

"The PX is performing very well," says Stefano Montanaro, CEO of Irigom. "The fast speed up to 4.5 m/s is allowing us to significantly increase the total material input while maintaining a very high-quality material in the output."

The new PX conveyor carries over the solid frame construction and long service life of its predecessors, the BB and DB models. It features a slot to fit a sensor under the belt and is easily compatible with NIR and EM sensors from a variety of manufacturers. It offers a belt speed ranging from 3.2 m/s to 4.5 m/s and can use two motors to ensure the necessary torque at the required speed. The head drum is available in a choice of two diameters: 125mm and 220mm for the best detachment of the material.

The material on the conveyor is accelerated and straightened so that the sensors fitted in the slot are able to detect accurately the material on the conveyor at all speeds. An optional stabilizer further improves performance by optimizing the positioning of the material on the belt with an airflow. The result is a higher throughput with ideal sorting quality and purity levels of the blown-out fractions.

Compact dimensions help with transportation

The PX benefits from a compact size and is designed for easy transport. The frame, with the belt already mounted, can be separated into three or four sections, depending on the length of the conveyor. These can be stacked for transport and are simple to reassemble on site. Even the model with the widest, 2900mm, belt can be loaded on standard trucks or containers, also cutting down on transport costs.

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