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First Anaergia ESG report highlights 465,000 tonnes of CO2 emissions avoided

A wastewater facility in operation
An Anaergia wastewater resource recovery facility in California

Anaergia Inc. has released its 2021 sustainability (ESG) report. The company completed its initial public offering in June of 2021. The report highlights Anaergia's ESG achievements for 2021, including a net total of 465,000 tonnes (CO2 emissions) of greenhouse gas emissions that Anaergia projects helped avoid, which is about 41 times more than what the company's operations produced. The analysis includes estimated emissions avoided at facilities under Anaergia's operational control, as well as third-party facilities commissioned since 2010 that operate using Anaergia's technologies at design specification. The report also includes an overview of Anaergia's social and governance practices.

"Our inaugural report is focused on the ‘E' in ESG, naturally, because our company was created to address the climate crisis," says Andrew Benedek, chairman and CEO at Anaergia. "This report quantifies the effects of Anaergia's technologies and projects, which address a leading cause of climate change – the problem of methane emissions from waste. We are turning this methane emissions problem on its head. Instead of allowing waste to cause climate change, we are using it to create a much-needed carbon-negative renewable fuel. Doing so can address about two-thirds of all point-source methane emissions."

Other highlights from the report include:

  • Installed capacities since 2010:
    • Approximately eight million tonnes of feedstock processing capacity per year
    • Five million MMBtu per year of renewable natural gas (RNG) production capacity
    • A capacity of 134 megawatts of renewable electricity generation
  • Invested nearly $400 million in clean energy infrastructure globally
  • Adopted seven new governance policies and codes 

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