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(VIDEO) Ziploc Canada launches new compostable sandwich bags

A Ziploc compostable sandwich bag

Back in February and March of 2020, members of the Ziploc Canada team attended the Compost Council Workshops across Canada, both to learn more about the latest in organics recycling and compost use, and to introduce the Ziploc brand compostable sandwich bags.

Ziploc Canada has introduced the new compostable sandwich bags at retailers across the country, supported by an awareness campaign to let consumers know the new product is available and to educate people on the benefits of compost to soil health.

By way of background – the Ziploc compostable sandwich bags are both BPI and BNQ certified, with in-field testing for compostability having been successfully completed by the Compost Manufacturing Alliance to ensure decomposition was within industry standards.

Recognizing that what goes into the organics bin is crucial to ensure the highest quality compost output, the bags were designed to be easily distinguishable from standard Ziploc bags. The compostable version is green in colour, has the BPI and BNQ logos along with the word "Compostable" across the front, and recognizing that not all facilities can accept certified compostable products, the packaging clearly indicates to check with municipalities to determine acceptance within the local organics collection program.

Made of recycled paperboard, the box is also different, visibly identifying this Ziploc bag as certified compostable. 

From certification to brand identification and communication, all these measures are meant to support consumer understanding and confidence in Ziploc compostable products and, of equal importance, to help support the important work of compost facilities. 

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