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Zume and Solenis further partnership to accelerate adoption of PFAS-free food packaging

A factory worker looks at a food packaging container
A Zume employee inspects a PFAS-free plastic packaging container.

Zume has furthered its partnership with Solenis. Together, the companies are launching a line of PFAS-free packaging to replace plastic and styrofoam with a sustainable alternative for food service applications.

Popular for their grease and water-resistant properties, PFAS (per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances) are widely used chemicals commonly found in sustainable food packaging. While moulded fibre packaging can be composted, PFAS do not degrade naturally and can leach from containers and move through soils, contaminating drinking water sources significantly damaging the sustainability and circularity profile of moulded fibres.

The joint partnership furthers efforts from Zume and Solenis to expand PFAS-free moulded fibre solutions to replace entire categories of single-use plastic without harmful chemicals. Zume will provide its moulded fibre manufacturing capabilities and professional services, and Solenis will supply its unparalleled expertise in functional additives and surface coatings which increase the strength and functionality of Zume's fibre recipes. 

"Until now, an economically viable solution for brands to transition from plastic and foam packaging hasn't been available," said Zume CEO and chairman Alex Garden. "Our patented moulded fibre manufacturing equipment system and technology enable us to offer sustainable packaging at the same price or less than plastic. This partnership with Solenis advances efforts to eliminate single-use plastic and enables brands to keep commitments to stop using PFAS."

The companies have outlined a technology roadmap of solutions they will collaborate on, including cups, bowls, plates, egg cartons, coffee cup lids, protein trays, and yogurt cups. Zume and Solenis aim to help global food brands replace their plastic and foam packaging with a sustainable and cost-effective alternative.

Moulded fibre manufacturing cells (MFC) integrated and installed by global robotics leader ABB will test the packaging line to ensure these solutions meet the standards consumers expect from food packaging, including grease resistance, snappable lids, and spill-proof boxes. ABB's robots will automate production and enable the scale and speed needed to make Zume's sustainable packaging and drive real change across the global supply chain. 

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