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Wendt commissions non-ferrous recycling plant at Moffatt Scrap Iron & Metal

Moffat Scrap employees posing for a photo on their job site
Moffatt Scrap Iron and Metal Inc. has operated in Campbellville, Ontario, and is a full-service metal recycling company that focuses on environmentally friendly recycling practices.

Wendt Corporation has commissioned a small non-ferrous plant for Moffatt Scrap Iron & Metal Inc. The installation is part of Moffatt's overall strategy to increase the volume of non-ferrous scrap metal recycled.

Since 1984, Moffatt Scrap Iron and Metal has operated in Campbellville, Ontario. It is a full-service metal recycling company that prides itself on environmentally friendly recycling practices, operating with honesty and integrity, with a team of 43 employees. The company also operates Triple M Demolition, which provides scrap and feed for their recycling process requirements.

Moffatt's non-ferrous plant features a new WENDT tumbleback feeder, a trommel and fines eddy current separator, and incorporates the companies eddy systems currently in use. Prior to the purchase of the WENDT non-ferrous system, Moffatt was running their automobile shredder residue (ASR) through a single eddy current separator, leaving unsized and non-ferrous metal uncaptured. The new system will allow them to rerun the ASR to capture additional non-ferrous metals that were not recovered using one eddy current.

"We were selling it [the uncaptured non-ferrous metal] to another home that had the equipment we now have to recover this metal," said Christine Moffatt, Moffatt's sales and purchasing representative.

"WENDT works with different size companies from small owner-operators to large corporate accounts," said Bill Close, WENDT business development manager. "The effort to develop robust solutions for the small owner-operators is challenging, but our goal is to position them with good decisions for growth. It was a pleasure working with the Moffatt team as we brainstormed together to find the correct solution to meet their needs."

"We are looking to achieve better results with the new WENDT plant, especially recovering additional non-ferrous material and the ability to process more materials," said Moffatt.

Moffatt's non-ferrous plant was commissioned and installed in January, 2022.

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