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New pricing model broadens RIOS membership opportunities for non-profits

New pricing model broadens RIOS membership opportunities for non-profits

On Nov. 4th, the RIOS membership team announced that two nonprofit organizations have registered to become RIOS™ certified in accordance with a new RIOS pricing model designed to broaden the membership base.

“We are proud to expand our list of members with these two inspiring nonprofit organizations committing to become RIOS™ certified,” said RIOS™ Director Darrell Kendall. “It was our goal to level the playing field for organizations of all sizes and revenue models, and these prospective memberships are the result of those efforts.”  

Computers for Classrooms (CFC), a Chico, Calif. provider of refurbished computers to schools, low-income families and non-profits throughout California, and Capital Area Corporate Recycling Council (CACRC), a Baton Rouge, Louisiana-based provider of used computers to schools and low-income families throughout the state of Louisiana, are the first nonprofit organizations to begin the RIOS™ certification process.  

Both organizations are currently R2 certified. They have officially registered for RIOS™ certification and will complete the process in the summer of 2014 by reviewing all procedures and undergoing third-party audits.   

“Certification has proven to be well worth the investment for my organization, so it is logical to add RIOS™ to our list of certifications,” said Nancy Jo Craig, executive director of Capital Area Corporate Recycling Council.   

“RIOS™ is the most complete management system,” said Pat Furr, founder and president of Computers for Classrooms. “With RIOS™, we can be sure our materials are handled and tracked properly, and we can take steps to avoid hazardous and unsafe situations.”  

RIOS now provides a lower cost membership, and therefore greater affordability for nonprofit organizations to join the RIOS™ certification program. The annual pricing structure now includes $1,000 rate (for first facility), $1,350 for each additiona facility. This compares with the respective discounted rates for ISRI members of $1,250 and $1,200, and the standard RIOS certification rate of $4,200 and $3,500 yearly.

The Capital Area Corporate Recycling Council is an R2-certified, nonprofit organization committed to e-scrap reduction through recycling and the reuse of electronics by providing refurbished computers and equipment to schools, nonprofits, and low-income families through the generous contributions of supporters. CACRC is based in Baton Rouge, La. and operates throughout the state of Louisiana. More can be found at   

Computers for Classrooms (CFC) is a nonprofit organization that is a part of Chico Unified School District. Schools desperately need computers to run updated programs, and CFC provides the computers to meet those needs. CFC provides free pick-up, wiping of all hard drives, asset tracking, audit trail for wipe or destruction of hard drives and 18 years of experience receiving state donations. CFC is the remaining program in the initial Computers for Schools projects and has placed thousands of computers in California Schools since 1991. For more information, visit   

A RIOS™-certified recycler complies with industry requirements and federal regulations, remaining ahead of market changes. These recyclers, in industries ranging from paper and plastics recycling to electronics recycling, undergo periodic audits by accredited third parties, avoiding fines and gaining protection against data theft and privacy infringements. These benefits lead to stronger customer confidence and retention. RIOS™ offers the framework of processes and procedures to provide the tools to an organization to adhere to the highest industry regulations and standards. The system uncovers organizational strengths and weaknesses, improves operational discipline and efficiency, and assists with domestic and international legal compliance. To learn more visit    

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