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Scrap University and CARI partner on training for recyclers

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Scrap University's certification program teaches recyclers how to identify all metals and find upgrades to increase profitability. Photo by Alek Beers.

Scrap University and the Canadian Association of Recycling Industries (CARI) have formalized an education agreement, which grants CARI members access to education, training, and certification at Scrap University for discounted rates in excess of 25 percent.

During the past two years, Scrap University founders Kate Fraser and Brad Rudover, along with their faculty have developed the industry's first metal identification certification program. The Certified Scrap Metal Professional (CSMP) program sets the standard for metal identification and upgrading by covering almost every ferrous and non-ferrous grade through a series of online lessons, quizzes, and a final exam.

The CSMP program is designed to be beneficial for any role within an organization, from labourers to ownership. It is also intended to complement current in-yard training to accelerate the learning process. According to Fraser and Rudover, understanding all metal grades will benefit every facet of the scrap recycling business. Benefits of Scrap University certification include:

-        Buyers will recognize the value in their purchases

-        Scale operators can identify every grade

-        Labourers understand how to upgrade and focus on control quality

-        Traders can confidently market material and manage claims

-        Shippers have better quality assurance measures

-        Administrators will eliminate documentation errors

"We're building Scrap University to be an industry hub, a centre of learning, where you would go to get consistent information, all in one place, and to get your foundation on metals and scrapyard processes," explains Kate Fraser.

Currently, the CSMP program is only available in English. Scrap University has begun work on a French version and expects it to be complete during the second quarter of 2022, with a Spanish language version to come as well.

While metal identification is the foundation of Scrap University teachings, Fraser says several other programs are being developed to give a comprehensive understanding of the entire scope of operating a scrap yard, including but not limited to, processing, packaging, machinery maintenance, sales, and business philosophy.

For more on the story behind Scrap University, visit this link for our recent Editor's byline: "Scrap University is on a mission to empower the metal recycling industry through education."

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