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LovetoRecycle highlighted during Waste Reduction Week 2013

Beverage container recycling industry of Alberta launches strategic recycling initiative to coincide with National Waste Reduction Week in Canada

LovetoRecycle highlighted during Waste Reduction Week 2013 was highlighted last week as one of the many programs gaining momentum in Alberta as Canada's National Waste Reduction Week kicked-off, October 21., a province-wide, online resource room, was developed by the Alberta Beverage Container Recycling Corporation, together with input from the Alberta Bottle Depot Association and the Beverage Container Management Board. Following an industry-commissioned landfill audit and extensive barrier research, the website was developed as a resource for institutional, industrial, commercial and multi-family residential participants in their need to properly recycle  empty beverage containers in Alberta. is the first initiative of its kind in Canada. functions as an online matchmaking site to pair organizations that want to recycle their empty beverage containers with the many compatible resources and services available in Alberta. It’s a match made in heaven for those with the will, but who had previously lacked the “how-to.”  

“Love to Recycle was created to facilitate a convenient and cooperative platform for all sectors of Alberta’s population to recycle their empty beverage containers,” notes Guy West, ABCRC President. “Our industry is essentially acting as a “matchmaker” working to provide resources that facilitate a change in the way organizations view recycling their empties.” provides educational tips, information on infrastructure grant funding, links to bin suppliers and beverage container pick-up services. Users can even deduce their environmental achievement by using a convenient online impact calculator. Recycling now becomes accessible for organizations that choose to participate not only during National Waste Reduction Week, but as a permanent part of their everyday operations.  

ABCRC is a provincially incorporated product stewardship corporation operating under not for profit provisions. ABCRC’s mandate is to be the agent for the beverage manufacturers to operate a common collection system for registered non-refillable containers; be responsible for recycling beverage containers; comply with regulation and Beverage Container Management Board (BCMB) bylaws; and promote the economic and efficient collection of beverage containers. For more information please visit:  

National Waste Reduction Week
Recycling and Waste Reduction Week started in the mid-1980s, and in 2001, participating organizations came together, pooled their resources and expanded their efforts into a national event called Waste Reduction Week in Canada (WRW). Since 2001, Waste Reduction Week in Canada has been organized by a coalition of non-government, not-for-profit environment groups and governments from each of the 13 participating provincial and territorial jurisdictions across Canada. WRW is currently held in the third week of October each year.

For more information please visit: