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Dynaset's hydraulic recycling vacuum bucket attachment helps demolition companies save on waste fees

A Dynaset HRVB hydraulic recycling vacuum bucket.

Esa Mäntylä is the owner and the CEO of demolition company Mevaset Oy. In the beginning, the company had one 30-tonne Doosan excavator and Esa was the only operator. The company now employs about 20 people and has a larger variety of machines in their fleet. Esa Mäntylä has now also been involved in the creation of the Dynaset HRVB hydraulic recycling vacuum bucket.

The idea of the HRVB started after one of Mevaset's workers mentioned during clean-up that it would be more efficient if a trash magnet existed. Esa thought about the idea for a moment and decided to call Reijo Karppinen, CEO of Dynaset. Together, the idea of the trash magnet developed into the idea of the HRVB. 

"Most of the materials of demolition sites are recycled but the small pieces of debris are hard to catch with normal buckets and demolition grabs. With the new bucket, it is possible to sort the waste better which means less mixed waste. Because the waste management fee of the mixed waste is much higher than the fee for sorted waste, the bucket is a wise investment. At the same time, the environment thanks because more materials can be recycled," explains Mäntylä.

Most commonly, the final cleaning process on a job site is done by hiring workers to collect the small debris with a rake and bags. While a medium-sized site can take about six workers to clean, the bucket enables the same task to be done with one worker, one bucket, and one excavator.

"Because of this versatility, we don't have to use vacuum trucks that much. Vacuum trucks are used in demolition sites for collecting certain waste, like non-recyclable mineral wool. With the bucket and the hose, the mineral wool can be collected without a vacuum truck. When the bucket is full, you can just empty it into the skip of non-recyclable waste. Because the waste-management-fee of this type of waste is very high, it is just wise to separate it from the other types of debris," says Mäntylä.

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