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Five tips for choosing a vehicle camera system supplier

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Warren Di Marco at Brigade Electronics Canada provides top five tips for choosing a vehicle camera system supplier.

For fleet operators and companies operating heavy machinery, vehicle safety will be top of the priority list. However, choosing a vehicle camera system supplier and ensuring that vehicles are equipped with the most appropriate devices that are correctly fitted and simple to use can be a time-consuming and difficult process.

Warren Di Marco, a vehicle safety expert at Brigade Electronics Canada, provides top five tips for choosing a vehicle camera system supplier.

1. Ensure the supplier can meet your requirements with the correct products

Vehicle safety devices vary from vehicle to vehicle and industry to industry. Suitability is key to maintaining safety and both the vehicle type and the business sector you operate in will determine which products you will need and how they should be fitted.

For example, construction machinery requires extremely robust and hardwearing products, such as radar obstacle detection, which is designed to detect people and objects, whether moving or stationary, in the most severe weather conditions and the toughest terrains.

Road going vehicles, such as HGVs, buses, garbage trucks and vans, will need devices that work to safeguard vulnerable road users in built-up areas and prevent collisions with people and objects. A 360-degree camera system eliminates blind spots by providing a bird's-eye view of the vehicle and the surrounding area in real time, which is fed back to the driver via an in-cab monitor.

Before researching a vehicle camera system supplier, set your criteria by making a list of your requirements. This will help establish if the provider will be able to meet your needs and budget. Always speak to a potential supplier as this will help you to gauge their knowledge and expertise about your industry, including relevant regulations and safety requirements, as well as their professionalism. 

2. Make sure the company understands the rules and regulations relating to your industry

Commercial vehicle legislations, regulations and certifications heavily influence the automotive industry at all levels. Whether it's to comply with road legislation or for an industry accreditation, a good supplier will have a thorough understanding and awareness of the current rules, regulations and product certifications required for all necessary compliance. They should be able to confidently guide you through any uncertainties you might have about regulations in your sector as well as assist you with finding the correct products for a variety of criteria.

3. Find out what other customers have to say

Customer reviews, testimonials and case studies are always an excellent indication of whether a vehicle safety system supplier and their products are reliable and professional. Ask to see recent reviews and, if possible, speak to existing or recent customers to find out about their experience of the company and its products.

4. Check out the warranty periods and industry standards on products

If your industry requires a particular standard of device, ensure the products you are investing in meet these requirements. A supplier should be able to supply you with all the relevant information about which standards each product meets and what testing it has been through before being released for distribution. Warranties are also a good indication of how well a product is likely to perform.

5. Research the company's aftersales support service

Suppliers that are confident in their products will be happy to support you with any questions or problems you may experience after the products are fitted. Find out about how quickly and easily you can get hold of someone in the event you need help and what other resources the supplier provides if you need assistance outside regular working hours. A good supplier should display this information clearly on their website, brochures and contact details and always be pleased to ensure any issues are fixed without delay. 

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