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Watch: Early video of Priestly Demolition tearing down Terminal 1 at Pearson International

Priestly Demolition is a big name in the industry these days thanks to its countless large-scale demo jobs, well-established social media footprint and the reality show Salvage Kings following its work. But before it was a big name, it was still pulling off those big jobs. 

Here's a look back to 2004, when Toronto's Pearson International was undergoing a facelift. Terminal 1 needed to come down, and Priestly was tapped to get it done. This throwback video gives a great inside view of the project, a turning point that helped establish Priestly as a name to be reckoned with in building demolition.

Company info

3200 Lloydtown-Aurora Road
King, ON
CA, L7B 0G3


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