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Watch: Early video of Priestly Demolition tearing down Terminal 1 at Pearson International

Priestly Demolition is a big name in the industry these days thanks to its countless large-scale demo jobs, well-established social media footprint and the reality show Salvage Kings following its work. But before it was a big name, it was still pulling off those big jobs. 

Here's a look back to 2004, when Toronto's Pearson International was undergoing a facelift. Terminal 1 needed to come down, and Priestly was tapped to get it done. This throwback video gives a great inside view of the project, a turning point that helped establish Priestly as a name to be reckoned with in building demolition.

Company info

3200 Lloydtown-Aurora Road
King, ON
CA, L7B 0G3


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Traditionally, waste management companies have operated using a simple "management of waste" approach to operating a MRF. Throughput targets and continuous operation (minimal downtime) were the main driving forces. The industry has changed however, and the focus moving forward is now on optimizing system performance and reliability, in conjunction with increasing recycling rates and a drive for a "greener" and more sustainable tomorrow.

When considering the addition of, or upgrade to, an "intelligent" MRF, for municipalities or private operators, the main factors should always be the client's (operator) current requirements, and evolving market needs, which include throughput, reliability, output quality, and adaptability. Equally important is a full understanding of what is really expected from any proposed system. Having an engaged and focused mindset for the project with the client from the beginning, will impact and drive the entire design process. This then impacts the overall project result, through to the productive, efficient, ongoing operation of the facility itself.


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