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Largest demolition robot in North America now in operation

An inactive Brokk 800S demolition robot
Mark Frederico, owner of Frederico Demolition, stands in front of a Brokk 800S demolition robot.

Frederico Demolition recently began operating the largest demolition robot in the North America construction market. 

The 24,361-pound (11,050-kilogram) Brokk 800S provides a 32-foot (10-metre) reach, and the power to weight ratio makes the robot an ideal choice for Frederico Demolition's heavy-duty applications.

The Brokk 800S features the company's three-part arm which provides maneuverability and large attachment capacity. The 800S can be used with concrete crushers, drum cutters, grapples, buckets, drilling equipment and metal shears for maximum application flexibility.

The Brokk 800S is the demolition company's seventh robot and rounds out the capabilities of their fleet for tunneling and specialty applications, including mass, structural and concrete demolition. Frederico Demolition also offers disaster recovery and environmental cleanup services in addition to specialty demolition for both private and public entities along the Eastern Seaboard.

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