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WSM’s redesigned screen moves material up to four times faster

WSM's Super Screener on the job site
Reduced maintenance downtime and expense with the relocated drive unit and easy access to the screens from the back of the basket for quicker change out in WSM's new Super Screener.

West Salem Machinery's new Super Screener has been redesigned and manufactured for reduced maintenance, increased production, and a longer operating life.  

New features include longer machine life due to a 15 percent lighter basket and increased durability with oversized hangers. Material moves up to four times faster due to the steep slope and stainless steel pan bottom - ideal for wet materials like compost and bark mulch.

The relocated drive allows for an unobstructed flow of material. Optional features include wire mesh or perforated screens, a ball deck for increased material agitation to help prevent build up and blinding on the screens, multiple material classifications, top covers, access platforms, and infeed chutes.

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