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Lohmann adds three new Sennebogen handlers to keep up with pandemic-related increases in waste

A total of nine material handlers are on the ground at Lohmann’s in Germany where they recycle industrial waste, electronic scrap and household waste.

With a workforce of around 200 employees, Lohmann, a family-owned recycling company, with its disposal center located in Emsdetten, Germany, is dedicated to the holistic processing of recyclable materials. Their expertise in the industry is vast. They process various types of waste, from hazardous materials, packaging waste or bulky waste from households, to scrap metal. 

Lohmann uses their own container service and a fleet of 80 trucks to ensure an ongoing flow of materials from customers to the recycling center. The company also uses nine state-of-the-art material handling technology from SENNEBOGEN, including three new 825 M E-Series material handlers, to process tons of material every day with confidence. 

Around the world in these uncertain times, more people are working from home than ever before. Take-out meals and restaurant delivery are at an all-time high and online orders from Amazon and other retailers have skyrocketed. The ease of ordering directly to your home does come with the by-product of generating significantly more waste. Disposable hygiene products, such as medical masks and gloves have also contributed to greater waste volumes over the last 12 months. 

In fact, due to the many pandemic-related changes, the amount of plastic waste from private households in Germany exceeded the average by around 10%.

It takes considerable effort and time to process and sort recyclable materials. In Germany alone, there are roughly 11,000 waste management companies with over 310,000 employees that ensure materials are not only picked up, but processed safely, ethically and responsibly. 

In 2020, two new material handlers were added to Lohmann's line-up, used for scrap sorting or loading cardboard boxes with a 42 ft. (13 m) boom.

At Lohmann, operators work comfortably and safely 

One of these 11,000 waste management companies is Lohmann Entsorgung located in the state of North Rhine-Westphalia. As a key and vital operator in the region, they have a number of responsibilities ranging from the recycling of electronics to the disposal of hazardous materials, like acids and chemicals. 

They also operate a recycling center for residential customers on their premises: 

"During the pandemic, we also observed that many citizens increasingly used their extra time for renovation work or cleared out their basements due to reduced working hours. The increase in waste from private households was quite impressive last year," reports Johannes Lohmann Jr., son of the Managing Director, and now the 4th generation to join the family business.

Given that Lohmann constantly has to process large quantities of waste from private households and the surrounding industry, the operators in the SENNEBOGEN material handlers spend long shifts in their machines. For this reason, great importance is placed on operator safety and cab comfort including precision joysticks, air-conditioning, bulletproof windows and comfortable seating. 

Lohmann Jr. continued, "Our operators tell us that their SENNEBOGEN material handlers perform extremely well, with their stability, viewing height and reach, especially when unloading containers. They feel safe."

The fuel-saving and low-emission diesel models of the SENNEBOGEN 825 E-Series are always stable thanks to their heavy-duty outriggers.

Lohmann relies on green-friendly, low-emission material handlers 

Lohmann's machines are in constant use, which explains the company's focus on reliability. Moreover, they emphasize within their corporate philosophy, their role as a recycling company and their responsibility towards the environment and society: 

"For us, waste disposal is active environmental protection," the policy states. This is why the company says they decided exclusively in favour of adding additional, reliable, fuel-saving and low-emission material handlers from Sennebogen.

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