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Liquibox introduces recycle-ready beverage bag-in-box

Liquibox introduces recycle-ready beverage bag-in-box

Following the recent launch of Liquipure, a new portfolio of sustainable flexible packaging, Liquibox introduces Liquipure Ultra: a recycle-ready bag-in-box bag specially designed for medium to high barrier applications. 

For decades, products such as post-mix syrups, boxed water and boxed oils required multi-material laminates with nylon or metallized polyester for barrier strength, but the complicated structure makes the packaging extremely difficult to recycle.

Liquibox's new recycle-ready packaging uses advanced resin technology that is ultra-strong to provide reliable product protection, and yet sustainably simple, as the company calls it, to meet recyclability guidelines. 

Liquipure not only improves recyclability, but the mono-material structure also offers other sustainability benefits such as a 22 percent reduction in greenhouse gas emissions when compared to traditional beverage bag-in-box bags.

Liquipure Ultra has already been successfully introduced into the post-mix syrup market, and Liquibox is currently working with customers to offer Liquipure Ultra for higher-barrier applications such as wine, juice, and aseptic foods. At this time, Liquipure Ultra is available in the U.S. and will reach European customers early in 2021.

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