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Project Z launches Hino into zero-emission vehicle development

Hino is stepping into the zero emission vehicle market with development of trucks from class 4 through 8.

Hino Trucks has announced that it will develop a range of zero-emission vehicles that will cover popular sizes of work truck all the way up to class 8, using a number of different technologies.

During a virtual launch event, Hino presented a comprehensive line of zero-emission trucks developed through partnerships with several different technology leaders. The launch included vehicles that will be fully battery electric drive as well as fuel cell options - including a class 8 truck to be powered by a system developed by Toyota.

"Our holistic approach to working with technology leaders like Toyota, Hexagon Purus and Xos will result in a sustainable, low cost product line up that will meet the needs of our customers as our industry moves forward to zero emission vehicles. For customers ready to move in that direction now, the SEA Electric SEA-Drive 120a paired with a Hino M Series chassis is commercially available today," said Glenn Ellis, Senior VP of Customer Experience.

Interest in electric trucks is growing quickly in North America, and that interest has driven Hino and Toyota, among others, to push forward with vehicle development concepts using zero emission technologies. That has grown to include the newly developed Hino XL as the focus for a class 8 fuel cell electric truck for North American buyers.

"A fuel cell powered version of the Hino XL Series is a win-win for both customers and the community. It will be quiet, smooth and powerful while emitting nothing but water," said Tak Yokoo, Senior Executive Engineer, Toyota Research and Development. "Toyota's twenty plus years of fuel cell technology combined with Hino's heavy-duty truck experience will create an innovative and capable product."

Toyota's fuel cell technology is proven to offer high capability without harmful emissions. The collaboration comes from efforts to develop a 25-ton fuel cell electric truck for the Japanese market, announced earlier in 2020.

"Expanding upon our proud heritage of the Hino powertrain, Toyota Fuel Cell Technology offers our customers a commercially viable, extended range, zero emissions vehicle in the near term," said Ellis. "Hino shares a common focus with Toyota when it comes to durability, reliability, and innovation with the customer at the center of design which makes this collaboration a game changer."

Other trucks shown during the event included a battery electric class 7 tractor using Hexagon Purus' full electric drive system as well as an XL Series class 8 box truck using the X-Pack battery and electric drive system from Xos Trucks. Hino will be exploring both central drive motors and e-axles for its truck offerings.

More details are expected to be released regarding Project Z in the next few months.

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