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New recycling deposit system accepts flattened and damaged packaging

New recycling deposit system accepts flattened and damaged packaging

Latvia-based greentech company WinGo Deposit has launched the world's first deposit system that uses artificial intelligence, machine vision, and neural network technologies to recognize and sort all types of packaging (e.g. PET, cans and glass bottles, tetra packs, batteries, etc.) even if they have been flattened, damaged or are missing a label.

The technology significantly improves the functionality of automatic recycling deposit points, which until now, have only been able to accept undamaged products. This significantly reduces the amount of waste it is able to accept, as many used products are often flattened after use.

"We developed this product from an end-user perspective. We believe that technologies have to be developed based on consumer habits, as opposed to trying to make the consumer bend their habits to use your product. Only then do they truly stand a chance to be accepted by the general public," says Vismands Menjoks, founder of Wingo Deposit.

WinGo Deposit has teamed up with various environmental organizations, technology, IT, and public interest experts to encourage national decision makers to embrace digital solutions for waste management. Currently, WinGo Deposit has teamed up with UK-based Ministry of Waste and the Latvian initiative Nulles Depozīts to advocate for smart waste management.

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