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Samsung launches B2B electronics recycling program

New initiative makes recycling of commercial e-waste cost-effective, hassle-free and eco-friendly


Samsung Electronics Canada takes eco-consciousness to another level in its commitment to give its products a green sheen with the launch of a new business-to-business (B2B) recycling program.
Samsung Recycling Direct for Business will provide commercial-sized bins to businesses throughout Canada in which old electronics can be disposed of and hauled away at no charge to the customer. The program is open to any business replacing unused or old electronics with new Samsung products.
The nation-wide B2B program is Samsung Canada’s latest initiative in its commitment to help companies and consumers make greener choices when it comes to buying, operating and recycling electronics. The B2B program is also an extension of the Samsung Recycling Direct program, dedicated to responsible recycling of e-waste.
“Businesses today have incorporated sustainable practices into their business expense sheets,” said Ron Hulse, vice president, B2B and Digital Convergence, Samsung Electronics Canada. “Samsung Recycling Direct for Business has been designed to help take the work out of recycling for business owners and managers, while also removing the cost burden. It’s the ultimate incentive to recycle.”
Much like Recycling Direct, the Samsung Recycling Direct for Business program will be maintained by Samsung’s recycling partner, Global Electric Electronic Processing (GEEP), which is obligated not to incinerate electronics, send them to solid waste landfills, or export their toxic waste (defined in a manner consistent with the commonly accepted definition of hazardous electronic waste) to developing countries.
Products accepted through the B2B program include TVs, DVD and VHS players, audio equipment, home theatre equipment, phones, mobile phones, cameras, camcorders, printers, monitors and computer products. Upon completing an order with Samsung, businesses can work with their Samsung representatives to arrange to have these old electronics taken away at an agreed upon time.
To facilitate the process, GEEP will provide businesses looking to overhaul their technology products and systems with on-site commercial bins. Business owners or employees need only drop the electronics in the bin, and GEEP will remove the bins once filled and ensure the products are recycled responsibly.
“A core aspect of our sustainability commitment is helping our partners become green — whether they’re retailers, large corporations or small businesses,” said Hulse. “We believe it is our responsibility to ensure the new technology we develop replaces old technology in a manner that has the least impact on the environment, and that belief extends into everything we do.”
Samsung’s commitment to being sustainable extends far beyond its recycling programs, beginning with the very production of its electronics. Samsung offers LED TVs and monitors without mercury or Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs), and a choice of TVs, monitors and appliances that meet or exceed Energy Star qualifications.
Details about Samsung’s standards for responsible recycling are available at, a microsite where businesses can learn more about how Samsung recycles e-waste.