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Samuel Packaging Systems launches second generation of PET bale tie system

Samuel Packaging Systems Group's GEN2 PET Bale Tie System

Samuel Packaging Systems Group has introduced their GEN2 PET Bale Tie System. Listening to feedback from current customers as well as the needs of a changing recycling marketplace, Samuel has designed and built the GEN2 system to meet these requirements.

The GEN2 system offers customers safety, reliability and cost savings in an innovative alternative to current wire bale tie systems.

Samuel's polyester strapping offers added safety over wire along with excellent strength and seal performance while providing a consumable material produced with recycled polyester content. The GEN2 bale tie system is plug and play and adaptable with any two-ram baler utilizing the existing controls. Being an all-electric system with no need for hydraulic fluids has eliminated any issues of hydraulic leaks, related maintenance and weather-related problems.

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