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Metro Compactor Service joins MaRS Momentum program to help boost continued growth

iSmart technology aims to make waste and recycling more efficient, sustainable and transparent

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Metro Compactor Service has been selected as one of 53 companies joining the MaRS Momentum Program, designed to support high growth science and technology companies in Canada on their path to becoming global powerhouses. Specifically, the program supports firms with the potential to reach $100 million yearly revenue in the next five years.  

MaRS Momentum is funded by FedDev Ontario, and works closely with senior executives to provides strategic support in attracting top talent, expanding into global markets, and raising capital. The program's ultimate goal is to help the executive teams turn companies with high potential into high growth powerhouses. The companies taking part in the program are expected to add nearly 9,000 high paying Canadian jobs over the next five years and grow their combined yearly revenue to over 7 billion. 

"Metro is transforming the waste equipment industry through its pioneering technology and by providing super service to its customers, partners, and staff," said Danny Mauti, CEO of Metro Compactor Service. "When we all work together and create the right environment for growth and innovation, amazing things happen."

Metro is the parent company of iSMART Technologies. iSMART empowers sustainability and waste-management teams across all industries, through insights and tools that enable them to reach and surpass their targets.

"Our pioneering IoT technology - iSMART - is a game changer for the waste industry. We're bringing transparency into the industry like never before; and we're providing all of this information to our clients so that they can optimize their systems, make them more efficient and sustainable, and keep raising the bar in what is possible. We're looking to the next 5, 10, and 20+ years, not just the next few years," said Mauti.

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