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Latest wheeled material handlers designed to deliver on tight urban demolition sites

Small footprint, powerful tool handling and high mobility adapts demolition machine to multiple roles

825 M Sennebogen material handler in action
The elevated cab on the 825 M allows the operator on a demolition site a clear view of the deconstruction process.

Demolition contractors are rethinking their equipment plans as they face the increasingly confined spaces of urban sites and heightened safety awareness. According to Sennebogen, their mobile demolition machines are engineered to excel in urban locations, ranging in size from 17 to 30 tons, and combining a small footprint and powerful tool handling with flexibility to adapt to multiple roles.  

At the upper end of this Series is the 825 R-HD E-Series machine, mounted on an expandable crawler undercarriage. This unit is able to reach up to 45 ft. (14 m) with a full range of interchangeable hydraulic attachments, and is purpose-built for rough working environments, such as scrap yards and waste handling facilities.

The boom of the 825 R-HD features a fully hydraulic quick-change coupler allowing the operator to switch easily to the best tool for the job at hand. According to Sennebogen, comfortably settled into their Maxcab, a single operator can take on every step of the tear-down: targeted deconstruction and sorting of building components, crushing material with a concrete pulverizer, cutting and sizing with demolition shears, and finally loading recyclable material and waste into trucks or bins with a choice of buckets and grapples.

Flexible mobility and transportability are also key factors in the profitability of a demolition machine, the company says. The 825 travels with a compact footprint that allows it to quickly self-load onto a flatbed and move on to the next jobsite. No transit preparation is required, so the machine is shipped with its counterweight and boom in place, ready to work. On arrival at the work zone, the 825 drives off the truck. Its crawler tracks can telescope out for a wider stance, providing a stable working platform on uneven and broken terrain. As work progresses, the machine maneuvers easily to each new position.

Additionally, Sennebogen's package of energy-saving "Green Efficiency" technologies allow their diesel-powered machines to operate with low emissions, low wear and tear and low fuel cost. Features including EcoMode, automatic idle and automatic stop, reduce diesel consumption to a minimum, and further reduce fuel consumption and emissions by up to 25%.

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