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Youth start-up turns food waste into compostable plastic

Lead 2030 Challenge winners
Luna Yu, Founder of Genecis Bioindustries awarded $50,000 and 12 months mentoring by Mondi as part of Lead2030.

Mondi is partnering with One Young World as a sponsor of Lead2030, a global forum for young leaders, to support youth-led innovation to contribute to the United Nations' Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

Lead2030 aims to find, fund and accelerate solutions proposed by young innovators for each of the global goals and enable them to scale and accelerate their impact.

As a challenge partner for Lead2030, Mondi is supporting the achievement of the SDG12 (responsible production and consumption), with the ultimate aim to turn packaging waste into raw materials of inherent value.

Luna Yu, Founder of Genecis Bioindustries

This year's winning project comes from Genecis Bioindustries, a Canadian-based start-up, which makes compostable plastic from food waste. Genecis has been awarded $50,000 from Mondi as well as 12 months of corporate mentorship focused on business development, marketing/communications support as well as technical mentorship on the potential market applications of PHA polymers in packaging. 

"We are convinced that collaboration is the key to achieving the SDGs and with Genecis as this year's winner, we have a perfect example of young innovators working to solve global challenges that no one business or sector can achieve on their own," explains Gladys Naylor, Mondi Group Head of Sustainable Development.

Company info

Building 1, 1st floor Aviator Park, Station Road
Addlestone, Surrey,
GB, KT15 2PG


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