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Waste Connections invests in Lion8 zero-emission electric truck chassis capable of servicing 1,200 homes on a single charge

Combination of the Lion8 chassis and BEV all-electric automated side-loading body offers an efficient, no-emissions waste collection solution

Lion 8 zero emission refuse truck
Lion 8 zero-emission refuse truck.

The Lion Electric Co. and Boivin Evolution have sold the first Lion8 chassis with fully automated side load bodies to Waste Connections. The initial vehicles, to be operating in Washington and Florida, represent the first applications of zero-emission trucks with fully electric waste collection bodies and automated arms in North America.

For Waste Connections, this investment furthers the company's sustainability efforts. Developed for the electric market, the combination of the Lion8 chassis and the BEV all-electric automated side-loading body offers a cost-effective waste management solution, which reduces greenhouse gas emissions.

Features of the Lion8 with BEV

  • Range of 130 miles for a full day of operation (1,200 homes) on a single charge 
  • No noise pollution 
  • Optimal visibility and turning radius 
  • Zero greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions 
  • No hydraulic pumps, valves, tubings, hoses and fluid. All arm and body movements are powered by the battery that drives electric motors for each function 
  • Overnight recharging when the truck is not in operation and when demand for electricity is lower, which reduces energy costs 
  • Savings of up to 80% on total energy costs 
  • 60% lower service costs thanks to the simple, low-maintenance electric powertrain that has few components 
  • Oil-free operation with very few moving parts 
  • Longer lasting brakes due to regenerative braking system

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