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TC Transcontinental aims to create circular economy for plastic with acquisition of Enviroplast

TC Transcontinental aims to create circular economy for plastic with acquisition of Enviroplast

TC Transcontinental has acquired the assets of Enviroplast Inc., a company dedicated to recycling flexible plastics in the province of Québec. The equipment acquired will be used for converting plastic waste recovered from sorting facilities and other commercial, industrial and agricultural sources into recycled plastic granules.

"The circular economy is the way of the future," said Sylvain Levert, Senior Vice President, Recycling Group, TC Transcontinental Packaging. "This equipment acquisition is part of our goal to vertically integrate the recycling of plastics in our packaging production chain in Canada, the United States and Latin America, ultimately ensuring stable procurement of recycled resin. We are proud of this first step and are counting on the collaboration of public and private stakeholders to meet the plastic recycling challenge, and to promote the creation in Québec of a centre of expertise in the circular economy of plastics."

The Corporation's goal, which is also the goal of many of its customers, is to differentiate itself by offering eco-responsible packaging products that contain recycled plastic, to accelerate their development and to create a true circular economy of plastic that is beneficial from an environmental, economic and social standpoint. Flexible plastic packaging ensures optimal product protection, facilitates transportation and helps extend product shelf life. In addition, the Recycling Group contributes to TC Transcontinental's objectives as a signatory of the Ellen MacArthur Foundation's New Plastics Economy Global Commitment, including increasing the post-consumer recycled content across its entire portfolio of flexible plastic packaging products. 

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