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30th Annual Organics Recycling Conference goes virtual amid coronavirus concerns

30th Annual Organics Recycling Conference goes virtual amid coronavirus concerns

The 30th Annual Organics Recycling Conference will be held virtually throughout the week of September 28 - October 2, 2020, according to the Compost Council of Canada.

"From the presentations to our tours and exhibitors, the world of organics recycling opens up to us this year with our online conference format," said Susan Antler, Executive Director, The Compost Council of Canada. "We are thrilled about all the great potential for our delegates to participate, learn and be inspired, helping to move their work forward."

Originally to be held in Moncton, New Brunswick, the conference planning team, jointly led by long-time Council members, Conrad Allain of Transaqua and Bettina Kay of Eco360, continues in force, working through the many details to transform the highly anticipated and valued annual event into the new reality of a virtual format.

"This year's conference and our depth of speakers will showcase the many ways organics recycling can work within every aspect of society, providing multiple solutions to waste diversion and resource use, climate change mitigation, energy production, water conservation, local economic development, improvements to human as well as soil health,' said Conrad Allain, Transaqua. "This conference will be the kickstart to the year ahead where we will involve sectors to identify and work out the solutions to implementing programs to capture the full potential of organic residuals."

"The usual barriers of travel and associated budgets can now be set aside, allowing our national conference to travel the world to deliver the learning and inspiration to enable organics recycling realize its full potential," said Bettina Kay, Eco360. "We look forward to having our 30th be our best-ever, welcoming all to our online organics recycling conference this September."

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