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How NGR and Woodly are teaming up to develop recyclable wood-based plastics

According to the European Strategy for Plastics, by 2030 all plastic packaging placed on the EU market must be either reusable or easily recyclable. Material technology company Woodly, which develops recyclable wood-based plastic, has demonstrated the recyclability of its products, as well as the recyclability of the waste materials from all its production stages, with the help of plastic recycling machines from NGR.

This places Finnish-owned startup Woodly among other environmentally responsible companies that collect all production material for recycling. 

When processing biobased plastics like Woodly, special attention must be paid to low, uniform processing temperatures, increased sensitivity to shearing, moisture control and optimized residence times in order to prevent loss of essential material properties and discolouration.

NGR's principle of the shredder-feeder-extruder combination meets all these requirements. In particular, gentle shredding with slow-running knives on one hand, as well as immediate and extremely fast material throughput into the extruder on the other, lead to high-quality pellets. In addition, the automatic system precisely maintains the narrow tolerance range of the biopolymer processing recipe. The one-step technology prevents impurities (dust, intermediate storage of regrind contamination, etc.) from impairing the recycling success.

NGR is an Austrian recycling specialist that develops and distributes plastic recycling technology worldwide. The company is constantly testing new plastic grades with start-ups.

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