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Compost Council shares European waste guidelines on managing COVID-19

Recommendations from Ireland and Norway Waste Associations encourage common sense handling of waste

Ireland composting association Covid-19 info graphic

Cré (Composting & Anaerobic Digestion Association of Ireland) have shared information with the Compost Council of Canada (CCC) regarding COVID-19 risk management for their facility operations. According to the CCC;

 • Panda have kindly allowed us to share their Covid 19 plan with Cré Members - LINK>
• has published a graphic on handling bins (above)
• DEFRA has published some guidance too - see 

Norway Waste Association update . It appears Norway is taking an approach of only allowing people to work which are classed as ‘socially critical infrastructure' Norway Waste Association recommends: 

"that all our members make their own risk assessments both for the risk of infection among their own employees and the need to ensure the operation of socially critical infrastructure such as waste collection and waste management."
Other recommendations in Norway are:
1. Waste from health institutions
The recommendation for waste management in health care institutions is that as long as protective equipment is not directly contaminated with organic material, or comes from hospital airborne isolates, it can be disposed of in ordinary residual waste. Reference is also made to FHI's advice to the primary health service , which states that "Used disposable protective equipment is thrown in a closed bag as residual waste" Hospitals must follow local procedures according to the infection regime. 

2. Waste from persons in home guarantee
No special measures related to waste from people in the home quarantine are recommended.

3. Waste from hotels / ships etc. that are quarantined
No special measures related to waste from isolated units such as this are recommended.

Additional online resources:
• Business Continuity Planning Checklist
• Compost Health and Safety Factsheet
• Panda's COVID-19 response
• CRE advice re: COVID-19
• Norway Risk Template

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