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​3TEK introduces compact, mobile Bravo 6280 scrap shredder

Latest 15-20 tph hammermill option ideal for smaller scrap yards

3TEK bravo 6280 shredder in scrap yard
The 6280 Bravo compact mobile shredder.

The Bravo 6280 is the latest from 3TEK Global's lineup of mobile and stationary hammer mills and downstream sorting systems. Designed from the ground up as a true mobile hammer mill that can process up to 3,000 tons per month, the Bravo 6280 is a totally new mobile shredding option for recycling operations. The Bravo 6280 is also an ideal option for those that want to make the move beyond being just a collection site, or which may be seeking to expand existing scrap milling operations.

Driven by an 1,125-horsepower CAT32 diesel engine, the Bravo 6280 can comfortably produce 15-20 output tons per hour in ferrous output capacity.

According to Texas-based manufacturer 3TEK Global, with O&O costs less than $28/ton, the new Bravo 6280 will raise both the users capability and profits. Driven by an 1,125-horsepower CAT32 diesel engine, the Bravo 6280 can comfortably produce 15-20 output tons per hour in ferrous output capacity (13.7 m tons/hour) with 240-pound hammers on a 315,000-pound single chassis that's 80 inches wide and equipped with a 19-foot feed chute. Its operating cost is less than $25 USD per ton, providing a combination of capacity and efficiency that provides top margin and return on investment.

"The Bravo 6280 was designed to serve the scrap marketplace. This is a true mill that delivers very clean, dense, furnace-ready scrap at a price point for both purchase and production that makes sense for small and large operators alike," said Bill Padula, VP of Sales & Marketing for 3TEK Global.

The Bravo 6280 is designed and produced by three well-established scrap industry participants in partnership as 3TEK Global: Blanchard Machinery, Granutech-Saturn Systems and Riverside Engineering, also producers of Mac Crushers.

As with 3TEK's other mills and sorters, the Bravo 6280's innovative design provides maximum serviceability, with many parts easily found off the shelf and a complete stock of proprietary parts always available from the company.

3TEK is located in Grand Prairie, TX, and Columbia, SC.

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201 E Shady Grove Rd.
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