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TOMRA S1 reverse vending concept designed for outdoor beverage container recycling

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TOMRA of North America has extended its Standalone line of durable reverse vending machines (RVMs) with the introduction of the rugged TOMRA S1 concept.

Designed for outdoor use in or under a sheltered area, the S1 concept can withstand the elements, including substantial variations in temperature. This worry-free outdoor placement frees up valuable retail space inside the store environment, while still providing a convenient recycling experience for customers. Additionally, the screen on the S1 concept has been enhanced and is viewable in direct sunlight. This allows for clear user guidance and enables stores to use their screens for marketing campaigns, regardless of the outdoor placement. 

Featuring TOMRA Flow™ Technology, the S1 concept recognizes can, plastic and glass beverage containers instantly and without rotation, increasing return speed considerably and providing customers with a fast, reliable and efficient recycling experience. It is also equipped with top-of-the-line fraud prevention technology to help protect deposit refunds.

"The TOMRA S1 concept brings an exceptional recycling experience to urban areas, particularly to the metro New York City area," said Nir Samuel, Vice President and General Manager - TOMRA Metro. "For recyclers, this easy-to-use and high-capacity RVM means machines are up-and-running when they need them. For retailers, the S1 concept offers efficiency and peace of mind - through sturdy product design, space efficiency and fraud prevention."The S1 concept is being piloted at the following three New York supermarkets:

  • Compare Foods at 724 Hunts Point Ave. in the Bronx,
  • Pioneer at 2262 Jerome Ave. in the Bronx,
  • Food Town at 173-09 Jamaica Ave., Queens.

Other machines in TOMRA's Standalone line include the TOMRA T70 Single and Dual and the TOMRA T90.

Retailers at the heart of beverage container recycling success
Together with its retail customers, TOMRA says they collect over 40 billion drink containers every year for reuse and recycling across more than 60 markets. In selling beverage containers and receiving them back for recycling, retailers play the most visible and vital role in keeping used beverage containers out of our oceans, streets and landfills.

Container redemption is a way retailers can engage with customers on something they care about. Retailers that offer a great recycling experience provide an opportunity to build a better reputation within their community, demonstrating that they care about the impact that retail habits have on the environment and showing their company's sustainability initiatives - which more and more customers are expecting from their retailers. It's also an opportunity to drive profitability through increased visits from satisfied recycling customers.

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