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Mack launches driver-activated Over The Air updates

Mack highway truck on the road
Mack Trucks today announced the launch of driver-activated Mack® Over The Air updates, enabling customers to activate their software updates on their own schedule 24/7 while also improving uptime.

Mack Trucks has announced the launch of driver-activated Mack Over The Air updates, enabling fleet customers to activate software updates for their telematics system on their own schedule 24/7 while also improving uptime.

Mack Over The Air, the OEM's best-in-class remote programming solution, allows remote software updates and the setting of vehicle parameters through Mack GuardDog Connect, Mack's fully integrated telematics solution. Available beginning in the fourth quarter of 2020, the new driver-activated updates eliminate the need for coordination phone calls with Mack OneCall agents, meaning most updates can be completed in less than 15 minutes.

"Mack Over The Air was a game-changer, allowing for remote programming based on the customers' schedules," said David Pardue, vice president of connected vehicle and contract services for Mack Trucks. "Driver-activated software updates are the next evolution of this solution, giving customers even greater control over how and when their updates occur and allowing for updates to multiple trucks at one time."   

With driver-activated updates, approved fleet personnel can now initiate onboard updates through the vehicle instrument cluster. With this new feature, updates take less time and can be performed whenever and wherever it's most convenient, 24/7. Although OneCall Agents are always available when needed, a call to them is no longer necessary for scheduling and activating updates. Customizable notifications and password protection are available as options.

Also via Mack Over The Air, Mack offers Mack Parameter Plus, a package that enables customers to make up to 50 parameter updates per 12-month period on all model year 2018 and newer Mack vehicles equipped with Mack GuardDog Connect. Previously, customers were limited to just two parameter updates per year as part of their Uptime contract subscription. There is no limit for Mack-initiated software updates used to continuously enhance product performance.

"Mack Parameter Plus enables customers to cost effectively bundle parameter updates without interruption to their schedules while the parameters are set," Pardue said. "Parameters can be set as long as the key is in the ignition and the truck is parked, so the customer dictates timing."

Along with setting the maximum road speed, other parameters include the shifting of the engine into economy mode or performance mode. Mack Parameter Plus also is available for previously purchased vehicles with Mack EPA 2017 engines.

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