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New gravimetric blenders from Maguire expand capacity for virgin and recycled materials in plastics

Maguire Products, Inc. is introducing a new series of gravimetric blenders for larger-throughput applications worldwide and will highlight the new technology at Chinaplas 2020. The new series of gravimetric blenders is designed to precisely dispense up to twelve materials of widely diverse types and can be configured to dose up to six major ingredients, including virgin polymer, regrind, and post-consumer resin (PCR). 

The Maguire 1200 Weigh Scale Blender for plastics processing.

The new Maguire Weigh Scale Blender (WSB) 1200 Series has a throughput range of 900 to 2,040 kg/hr (2,000 to 4,500 lb/hr) and is suitable for extrusion, high volume injection and blow molding, as well as central blending applications. The series is the latest addition to Maguire's WSB product range, which already includes over 120 models with throughputs ranging from 40 to 5,500 kg/hr (90 to 12,125 lb/hr). Maguire has sold more than 58,000 WSBs since it introduced the gravimetric blender in 1989.
The 1200 Series blenders can dispense as many as twelve batch ingredients, from pellets, powders and liquids to poorly flowing ingredients like regrind, flake, wood flour and talc filler. Each ingredient hopper has a dispensing device designed for a material in a specific form. Like the larger units in the WSB-2400 and WSB-3000 series, the new blenders can be outfitted with up to six large-component slide gates for dispensing major ingredients, along with any combination of large corner valves (11,000 g/sec), 4-inch vertical valves (2,000 g/sec), 2-inch vertical valves (400 g/sec), auger feeders, and liquid color pumps.
"By providing the same capability as the 2400 and 3000 Series units for dispensing up to six large-component ingredients, the WSB-1200 Series blenders enable processors working in a somewhat smaller throughput range to meet growing demand for products that incorporate regrind and PCR along with virgin resin," said Frank Kavanagh, vice president of marketing and sales.  "And like all Maguire blenders across the throughput range, the 1200 Series WSBs provide consistent accuracy of plus or minus 0.1% for every material dispensed into the weigh chamber, regardless of its form."

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