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Nordson equipment playing central role in APK AG plastics circular economy

BKG melt delivery and pelletizing components transform purified polyamide from APK AG process into resins comparable to virgin technical polymers

APK AG Newcycling® plant
APK AG Newcycling® plant in Merseburg, Germany.

APK AG has deployed a complete downstream melt processing system from Nordson Corporation for use with its innovative Newcycling process, which carries out the dictates of the circular economy by transforming mixed and multi-layer waste into purified polymer with properties close to virgin resin.

The first Newcycling® plant, located in Merseburg, Germany, began commercial operation in June with an annual capacity of 8,000 tons and is used for separating polyethylene and polyamide from multi-layer packaging films (post-industrial source). The Newcycling® process produces the polymers in purified form by shredding the waste, using solvents to selectively dissolve the plastics, separating liquid and solid components, purifying the polymer, and removing the solvent for reuse in the process. An extruder delivers polyamide to BKG melt delivery and pelletizing components for production of APK's Mersamid® polyamide resins.

The BKG equipment includes a BlueFlow™ gear pump, HiCon™ screen changer, polymer diverter valve, underwater pelletizer and Master-Line™ process water / pellet dryer system.

Florian Riedl, Director of Business Development for APK AG

"Our Mersamid® products are intended for demanding technical applications as alternatives to virgin plastics," said Florian Riedl, Director of Business Development for APK. "Nordson's BKG pelletizing and melt delivery equipment contributes to meeting our requirement for high-quality granulates with homogeneous properties. In addition, these systems help us achieve a level of production efficiency that is consistent with our sustainability approach."

Elsewhere in Europe, Mr. Riedl noted, APK will build a second Newcycling® plant, with a capacity of 20,000 tons, for processing of mixed film waste of post-consumer origin.

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