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SIMS support of WeCare used computer donation program helping improve education in South Africa

We Care NPC manufacturing facility
WeCare NPC

Sims Recycling Solutions (SRS), the global leader in IT asset disposition and cloud recycling, in collaboration with WeCare, is boosting computer literacy across South Africa through its resourceful donation program of computers, printers and servers.

While older computers have limited value to SRS' corporate clients, these assets are important learning tools for students in rural areas in South Africa where access to computers is very limited. In today's world, computers dramatically improve opportunities for students to learn basic computer, math and language skills. Access to the internet opens a world of possibilities for these students.

"We are extremely proud to support the WeCare program. By increasing access to computers in remote areas, we have had a positive impact on allowing access to important learning resources in those areas," stated Sean Magann, global vice president, sales and marketing for Sims Recycling Solutions. "This is a win-win. Not only do we improve learning opportunities in South Africa, but we also help to extend the useful life of IT equipment, which represents another successful step forward as we continue to contribute to the global circular economy."

SRS is in a unique position to facilitate donation programs from our clients, provide important refurbishment services and place this needed equipment in school computer rooms in South Africa. The equipment is tested, repaired, all data is erased, asset tags and other identifying marks are removed, and a licensed operating system and Microsoft Office software is installed.

To learn more about how Sims Recycling Solutions is supporting the WeCare Program, visit the SRS blog.

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