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Powerful new pre-shredder models complete Metso product family

Metso shredder in building.
The K-series has been created with the same uncompromising approach that has always been the hallmark of Metso Waste Recycling's machines.

Metso Waste Recycling recently expanded its product line with the launch of two new pre-shredders - the K-series. In terms of performance and price, the new models will offer attractive alternatives for sites with production requirements between 5 - 45 t/h. 

The K-series has been created with the same uncompromising approach that has always been the hallmark of Metso Waste Recycling's machines. According to Metso, the goal is always to deliver the lowest cost per ton by superior performance, unbeatable uptime and easy maintenance. The new machines are targeted at production sites with waste treatment needs in the 5 - 45 t/h range. Metso says there are many such sites and the market - especially in Asia - is only expected to continue growing in the years to come. 

Also according to Metso, the price performance ratio for these new shredders has been set at a competitive level in the market, a strategy that aims to ensure that the new models will consolidate Metso Waste Recycling's strong position in established markets, while also creating an inroad into adjacent markets.  

"The new machines complements our range of shredders, so we can now cater for much wider capacity requirements," said Morten Kiil Rasmussen, Commercial Director, Metso Waste Recycling. "These are actually machines our clients have requested, so we are convinced that they will be well received. The favourable price performance ratio will also expedite sales to the Asian market, where there is huge demands for reliable, pre-shredders with a capacity range between 5 - 45 t/h."    

Powerful features a guarantee for success
According to Metso, the low cost per ton is provided by high reliability, ease of operation and great flexibility in various waste types. The new k-series shredders come with the same variety of knives developed over the last many years to match client's specific needs. Meanwhile, the open-cutting-table design means that operators does not need to pre-sort the waste being loaded into the shredder. That in turn means less manpower and fewer breakdowns.   

Key benefits of Metso's K-series of pre-shredders:

  • The unique shredding system (both synchronous and asynchronous) with two shafts provides superior performance no matter the waste, resulting in unbeatable uptime 
  • The proven knives geometry reduces the risk of wrapping on the shafts, resulting in less bridging and fewer cleaning stops to improve capacity
  • The modularity ensure that only relevant components need to be maintained, ensuring a longer lifetime with less running costs
  • Both shredders have robust and proven constructions that are easy to access, making maintenance fast and the service costs low

Metso Waste Recycling has a global network of service specialists and local service partners, to provide assistance 24/7/365.

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