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Emterra Group named one of Canada’s Greenest Employers

Emterra Group named one of Canada’s Greenest Employers

Emterra Group has for the fourth consecutive year, been named one of Canada's Greenest Employers. Emterra is also, the only organization in the waste resource and recycling industry on the list which includes some of the largest and most respected organizations in the country.

"When it comes to running a sustainable business and providing opportunities for others to do the same, Emterra is in a unique position," explains Emmie Leung, Founder and CEO of Emterra Group. "Many waste management companies look at waste as just that, waste; we look at it as an opportunity and as a resource that should be kept in use for as long as possible and then recovered and regenerated into new products and materials."

Each employer is evaluated by the editors of Canada's Top 100 Employers in terms of: (1) the unique environmental initiatives and programs they have developed; (2) the extent to which they have been successful in reducing the organization's own environmental footprint; (3) the degree to which their employees are involved in these programs and whether they contribute any unique skills; and (4) the extent to which these initiatives have become linked to the employer's public identity, attracting new employees and clients to the organization.

"As more young people enter the workforce, more employers are realizing the importance of having sustainable workplaces," says Richard Yerema, Managing Editor of the Canada's Top 100 Employers project. "Young employees ask themselves 'what will my world look like in 20 years?' - and they expect their employers to do things differently for a better future."

"A new generation of employees are among us and they want to work for organizations that align with their personal values and beliefs," says Deb Pikula, Emterra Group, Corporate Director of Human Resources. "Employees want to know that their employers are taking strides to mitigate the environmental impact of their operations and the number of employees asking for this requirement is increasing. We believe that holding a designation like Canada's Greenest Employer tells potential and current employees that we are and continue to initiate and deliver on commitments that are focused on improving our environmental footprint." 

The selection committee, as part of the national competition, once again chose Emterra Group for this award based on a number of its environmental best practices, some of which include:

  • The partnerships we have built with organizations like The Natural Step Canada's Circular Economy Innovation Lab
  • The addition of waste stream audit services in order to help all types of customers meet or exceed regulatory requirements and for working with major consumer brands to help make them more sustainable
  • Emterra's line of green products that transform waste into new reusable materials and products
  • Infrastructure investments to reduce greenhouse gas emissions from our fleet operations which includes compressed natural gas (CNG) fuelled trucks and re-fuelling stations

Now in its 12th year, Canada's Greenest Employers is an editorial competition organized by the Canada's Top 100 Employers project. This special designation recognizes the employers that lead the nation in creating a culture of environmental awareness in their organizations. These employers have developed exceptional sustainability initiatives - and are attracting people to their organizations because of their environmental leadership. 

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