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​Livestock Water Recycling part of Canadian delegation at 2019 Cleantech Forum

​Livestock Water Recycling part of Canadian delegation at 2019 Cleantech Forum

This week, Livestock Water Recycling (LWR) is part of the Government of Canada and Export Development Canada sponsored delegation of 20 companies attending the 17th annual Cleantech Forum in San Francisco. LWR says they are dedicated to sharing the inspiring sustainability story of livestock farmers around the world who are transforming their operations by capitalizing on the manure economy, while at the same time regenerating their soils through agrology.

The theme of the Forum, which will run from January 28th until Wednesday the 30th at the Park Central Hotel San, is "Diversity of Thought: Harnessing the Power of Difference." A number of key areas of innovation will be explored throughout the Forum, including smart mobility, precision agriculture, and water treatment, as well as a range of cleantech applications that leverage robotics, AI and blockchain.

LWR was selected to participate in this high-profile mission to help build on Canada's strong presence at the previous two Forums. "Being part of this delegation is a wonderful opportunity for us to elevate our profile in
front of a high-impact audience of investors, customers and strategic partners," says LWR CEO Karen Schuett.

Livestock Water Recycling is a global leader in manure treatment technology. LWR² is a patented technology platform that allows precision application of nutrients for increased crop yields. The system also reduces greenhouse gas emissions, concentrates and segregates nutrients for strategic fertilizer application, and delivers a renewable, high-quality clean water source.

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