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America's plastics makers respond to G7 Charter aimed at cleaner oceans

America's plastics makers respond to G7 Charter aimed at cleaner oceans

Five countries agreed to The Ocean Plastics Charter, an annex to the Charlevoix Blueprint for Healthy Oceans, Seas and Resilient Coastal Communities, at the G7 Summit this past weekend. The American Chemistry Council (ACC) issued the following statement.

"Marine debris is a pressing global issue, and ACC is committed to being part of the solution," said Steve Russell, ACC's vice president of plastics. "Our plastic makers have set and are working to achieve aggressive goals for the reuse, recycling and recovery of 100% of plastic packaging by 2040, with interim goals by 2030.

"To achieve these goals we will need to work closely with stakeholders and governments, including members of the G7," Russell continued. "We look forward to collaborating on a range of activities outlined in the Charter—including sustainable design, research, information sharing, and creative new ideas like the Plastics Innovation Challenge—in the months and years ahead. We believe investing in waste management systems will be critical to making real progress, and we appreciate Canada's leadership in pledging $100 million to jumpstart that effort.

"In facing the challenge of marine litter there is much we can agree on, and even more we must act on‎, recognizing different approaches and priorities to getting there. Plastics are essential to helping us live safer, more sustainable lives. But they have no place in our oceans or in our environment.

"We know ocean pollution is a large and complex problem. But this problem is solvable if we work together and stay focused on capturing and transforming municipal solid waste at its source."

The American Chemistry Council (ACC) represents the leading companies engaged in the business of chemistry. ACC members apply the science of chemistry to make innovative products and services that make people's lives better, healthier and safer. ACC is committed to improved environmental, health and safety performance through Responsible Care; common sense advocacy designed to address major public policy issues; and health and environmental research and product testing. The business of chemistry is a $768 billion enterprise and a key element of the nation's economy. It is among the largest exporters in the nation, accounting for fourteen percent of all U.S. goods exports. Chemistry companies are among the largest investors in research and development. Safety and security have always been primary concerns of ACC members, and they have intensified their efforts, working closely with government agencies to improve security and to defend against any threat to the nation's critical infrastructure.

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