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​Stadler UK delivers improved ballistic separation with launch of STT6000 and updated STT2000 8

New range of high-capacity ballistics separators designed to achieve a higher throughput to meet market demands

​Stadler UK delivers improved ballistic separation with launch of STT6000 and updated STT2000 8

Stadler UK has updated it's STT2000_8 range (shown) and made its STT6000 model available to the UK market for the first time, in direct response to growing customer demand for units that offer higher capacity, simple maintenance and flexibility when processing a wide range of material. Manufactured at its state-of-the-art production facility in Altshausen, Germany, the separators are suitable for a range of applications including municipal solid waste (MSW), commercial and industrial waste, co-mingled and single stream material.

Stadler's STT6000 is a heavy duty ballistic separator which can be used as a pre-sorting unit in recycling facilities separating the waste stream in three different fractions. The infeed material requires no pre-sorting or shredding, making the STT6000 suitable for landfill mining and construction & demolition waste. 

Complementing the new STT6000 is Stadler's updated STT2000_8 model which has eight paddles and is 3m wide for higher capacity processing. The angles of the paddles can be adjusted on site providing flexibility to process different types of material without ever changing the machine. 

Dr Benjamin Eule, director of Stadler UK commented: "Our two new models provide customers with a next-generation ballistic separation solution, delivering exceptional flexibility, high capacity and easy accessibility for maintenance.

"We specialize in the design of tailored products that enable MRF operators to reduce downtime and save valuable plant space with complete sorting solutions."

Stadler introduced the first ever ballistic separator to the recycling industry in the 1970s and has since designed, built and implemented hundreds of recycling plants.

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