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​SPECTRO announces major upgrade of Spectrotest mobile metal analyzer

Latest handheld metal analyzer provides complete on-the-spot metal analysis

​SPECTRO announces major upgrade of Spectrotest mobile metal analyzer

SPECTRO Analytical Instruments, based out of Kleve, Germany, have announced a major upgrade to its SPECTROTEST arc/spark mobile metal analyzer for applications in the metal producing, processing and recycling industries.

The SPECTROTEST mobile spectrometer delivers precise results without compromise when an exact metal analysis is required, or when materials are difficult to identify, or there is a large number of samples to be tested. Applications include the on-site grade confirmation of incoming materials at the shipping dock or on the production floor, or when metal sorting for value-optimized recycling.

The upgrade, which introduces a new, more-advanced readout system, represents a dramatic improvement to an already industry-leading solution, according to SPECTRO. The new readout is a prerequisite for the introduction of iCAL 2.0 — a consistent enhancement of the instrument's proprietary iCAL calibration logic system. iCAL 2.0 enables the mobile analyzer to deliver unsurpassed stability, even in the face of ambient temperature changes. 

With pre-defined calibration packages and the iCAL 2.0 diagnostics software, the upgraded SPECTROTEST allows users perform a single-sample standardization (in less than 5 minutes) at the start of the day's testing. The iCAL diagnostics ensure stable performance through a typical day, and now the software helps maintain the same standardization, regardless of most temperature shifts. 

The SPECTROTEST analyzer is designed for productivity and reliability as well as portability. Its performance and ease-of-use are unsurpassed. The analyzer's high-resolution optical system provides for the probably widest element range, including N, Li, Na — all elements necessary for a complete on-the-spot metal analysis. 

Its measurements are fast with flexible, point-and-shoot analysis. Sample probe adapters are quick and easy to change for arc excitation and spark excitation (arc spark OES). Its battery-powered operation can deliver up to 800 measurements on a single charge. An app enables the display of the measuring screen on a PC monitor, tablet or smartphone. Results can be simultaneously observed in the laboratory and on site.

Global service and support for the upgraded SPECTROTEST are provided through the AMECARE Performance Services program, backed by more than 200 AMECARE service engineers in 50 countries, who help ensure peak performance and extended life for every SPECTROTEST instrument. AMECARE's high-value, customized services include proactive maintenance programs, application solutions, access to specialists, and instrument-specific training.

The upgraded SPECTROTEST mobile arc/spark spectrometer is available immediately from SPECTRO Analytical Instruments. 

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