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​Bunting Magnetics Co. to introduce high temperature FF drawer magnet

Rated to 350 degrees, latest magnetic separation technology to debut at NPE 2018

​Bunting Magnetics Co. to introduce high temperature FF drawer magnet

Bunting Magnetics Co., a leader in magnetic separation, is introducing a high temperature version of its popular FF Series drawer for the plastics industry. The most important feature of this new unit is its ability to perform at 350-degree temperatures inside the drawer.

Bunting will debut the Hi Temp FF Drawer Magnet - named the FF350 - at NPE 2018, the Plastics Show, in Orlando, Florida, held May 7-11. Bunting OEM's and end-user customers will be able to discuss the specifications and have hands-on demos with actual drawers.

Bunting built its business in the plastics industry and constantly strives to innovate its products to keep pace with changes in the industry. "Current equipment manufacturers of the molding machines and dryers are looking to process at higher material temperatures, and the FF 350 Hi Temp Drawer Magnet addresses these new requirements of the industry," said Brock Herrmann, Product Manager, Magnetic Separation. "High heat can be damaging to rare earth magnets, so it's important to balance the need to handle higher temperature plastics, but retain the holding value of our magnets."  

The Hi Temp FF drawer is most often installed above the opening of the molding machine and plastic resin passes through the drawer to remove ferrous contaminants. This ensures a cleaner, higher quality product. It also protects the molding machine from damage due to tramp metal. 

The Hi Temp FF drawer can be used in any plastic molding or extrusion application. Because the drawer sits at the opening of the molding machine, in applications where the resin needs to be dried and/or pre-heated above 300 degrees at the introduction to the molding machine, the magnets will be subjected to higher temperatures. 

In addition to the magnet upgrade, the Lexan viewing window has been replaced with a polycarbonate that will hold up under the higher temperature conditions. "We thought everything through on this redesign, so that even the plastic knobs that latch down the drawer are designed for the higher temperatures," Herrmann explained.

Extensive research and development is typical for Bunting, and production of the Hi Temp FF Drawer was no exception. "We went further than the actual required temperature rating to make sure this design would be effective in the future," Herrmann explained. "Other brands of magnetic separators simply won't retain their magnet strength over time with the higher temps we are seeing in the industry. So far, we aren't aware of any competing product that can match the temperature rating, along with the pounds holding value of our magnets."

Because the design of the housing for the Hi Temp FF Drawer Magnet is the same as Bunting's standard FF, the drawers and accessories can be purchased independently to complement the existing housing. It makes the investment in the upgrade affordable for existing customers.

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